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Our debut album {Howl Howl Gaff Gaff} is re-released on vinyl through our favourite record store here in Stockholm - Pet Sounds.
256 copies have been made and and they ship world wide.


There are two ways to get it

1. Either get it on the Pet Sounds website. Problem is that it's all in Swedish but you'll probably figure it out.
Balance of copies is correct on the site, meaning once it's sold out - it's sold out.


2. Get it on their Discogs site - all in english, but they only gradually upload copies – meaning it might not be available when you first get there.
Click the "Want" button on the Discogs site to recieve an email once a new batch is uploaded. However, the LP might sell out before they upload again.

Both sites ship world wide
Pet Sounds // vs // Discogs

Hope this didn't complicate things. Shop 'til you drop!